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Objects are like a closet📦 for storing and transporting other types of data. JavaScript is designed around a simple paradigm. The concept is based on simple objects. An object is a collection of properties, and each property consists of a name (key) and a value associated with that name. The property value can be a function⚙️, which can be called a method of an object, or any other type.


In this article, we'll cover the most basic properties of JavaScript objects, creating and modifying, and enumerating properties.

An object in JavaScript is a simple associative array or, in other words, a "hash". It stores any key: value matches and has several standard methods.

Objects in JavaScript, like objects in real life (a person👨, a bus, a building, etc.) have several named (key🗝️) parameters (age, name, hair color, status) with specific values (15, John, black, 'true') ✅:

let obj = {
age: 15,
name: 'John',
color: 'black',
student: true

An object method in JavaScript is simply a function️ that is added to an associative array.

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