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Higher order functions


Higher-order functions allow JavaScript to be suitable for functional programming. Such functions are widely used in JavaScript. If you've programmed in JavaScript even a little, you've probably used them, perhaps without even realizing it.

To fully understand this concept, you should first understand functional programming and the concept of first class functions.

What is functional programming?#

Functional programming is a branch of discrete mathematics and a programming paradigm, in which the computation process is interpreted as the calculation of the values ​​of functions in the mathematical sense of the latter (as opposed to functions as subroutines in procedural programming). [Wikipedia]

First class functions#


If you are already learning JavaScript, you may have heard that JavaScript treats functions⚙️ as first-class objects. Functions in JavaScript are objects, just like in other functional programming languages. In JavaScript, functions⚙️ are a special type of object. These are Function objects. For example:

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SyntaxError: Unexpected token (1:8)
1 : return ()

We now know what first-class functions are. You can start with higher-order functions.


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