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Installation TypeScript

To get started with TypeScript, you need to install its toolkit. You can install TypeScript through the NPM package manager.

Installing Node.js#

To install via NPM, you need to have Node.js installed (if not already installed). For further actions, you need an installed package manager Chocolatey. Install NPM with it. To start the installation process, you need to run the command in Powershell:

choco install -y nodejs.install

Installing TypeScript#

To install TypeScript you need to execute the command in Powershell:

npm install -g typescript

After the installation is complete, PowerShell will give you this output: install_success

It is possible that TS has already been installed previously. In this case, it can be updated to the latest version using the command

npm update -g typescript

To check the TypeScript version, enter the command

tsc -v



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