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TypeScript takes an object-oriented approach and has full class support. The class represents a template for creating objects and encapsulates the functionality that an object must have. A class defines the state and behavior that an object has.


Let's look at a simple example of working with classes:

class Greeter {
greeting: string // Свойство greeting, тип строка
constructor(message: string) {
// Конструктор класса Greeter
this.greeting = message
greet() {
// Метод класса Greeter
return 'Hello, ' + this.greeting
let greeter = new Greeter('world')
greeter.greet() // Вернет строчку Hello world

A new class Greeter has been declared. This class has three items: a greeting property, a constructor, and a greet method. The last line instantiates the Greeter class using new. It calls the constructor defined earlier, creates a new object, and runs the constructor to initialize it.


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