मुख्य कंटेंट तक स्किप करें

Assembling Rubik's Cube


In order to get into the JavaScript class, you need to collect the Rubik's cube. For those who still do not know how to solve the cube, we teach according to the author's method #yogaCubicaRubica


#yogaCubeRubica - this is how we called the lesson on solving the Rubik's cube, having developed in our school of antiquity a simple diagram of chakras of 6 algorithms to prepare your mind for the logic and spatial thinking, which is so necessary in programming.

Assembly diagram#


  1. MULADHARA - cube position edge

1) Collect 4 white petals around the yellow core 2) Align with the color of the side, throwing it over the white cross 3) Assemble the white base, aligning the corner at the top right and the colors along the core.


  1. SVADHISHTHANA - rib position

1) Collect the side two bottom rows 2) Do not touch yellow


  1. MANIPURA - face position

1) Collect the yellow cross based on the yellow strip


  1. ANAHATA - rib position

1) Align the cores with the yellow cross, starting with only one aligned core


  1. VISHUDDHA - position face

1) Align one side petal with mulodhara and align the corner lobes with the sides


  1. AJNA

1) Aim the yellow side at yourself 2) From any upper right corner, we do the algorithm until the match 3) Flip another corner to the same corner


Studying time#

In 6 days, you will not only memorize all 6 algorithms, but also the Sanskrit chakra system, consolidating knowledge by the speed of assembly.


🏅 Once a month @javaScriptCamp hosts an online #speedCubing competition with a prize pool! If you also want to become a participant in the competition, then we are happy to welcome you to our school - perhaps you will become the winner!

To register for the competition and support in training, please contact discort chat

Rotation language#

The language of rotation of the Rubik's cube according to Jessica Friedrich's method looks like this:

R - move right side clockwise R'- movement with the right side counterclockwise

U - movement of the upper side clockwise U'- movement of the upper side counterclockwise

F - movement by the frontal side clockwise F'- movement of the frotal side counterclockwise

L - move left side clockwise L'- movement left side counterclockwise

D - movement of the bottom side clockwise D'- movement of the lower side counterclockwise

B - backward movement clockwise B'- backward movement counterclockwise

M - movement of the middle vertical side clockwise M'- movement of the middle vertical side counterclockwise


Before collecting the cube, we need to disassemble it. For this, special formulas are used, which are called Scrambl. Here is one of them:

R2 F R’ F’ D2 R2 U F U’ B L2 F2 R F2 U’ L F2 L B R’ D’ L’ D’ R F



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