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Declarations are a very important part of TypeScript due to which static typing is projected onto dynamic JavaScript.


Since the development of programs in TypeScript uses libraries written in JavaScript, the tsc compiler, whose main task is type checking, feels like it is blindfolded. Despite the fact that with each new version type inference is getting better and better at understanding JavaScript, it is still far from ideal. In addition, parsing the JavaScript code adds a load on the processor, which is sometimes not enough precious time when developing modern applications.

TypeScript solved this problem by connecting to the project the declarations it generated in advance or manually created by developers. Declarations are placed in files with the extension .d.ts and consist only of type declarations that completely repeat the program until the moment of compilation, when it was deprived of all typing features. Their operation is very similar to the operation of files with the extension .h in languages C/C++.

// Файл Animal.tsexport default class Animal {   public name: string = 'animal';   public voice(): void {}}
// Файл Animal.d.tsdeclare module "Animal" {   export default class Animal {       name: string;       voice(): void;   }}


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