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In JavaScript, any text data is strings. However, do not forget that numbers can also be written in a string. Of all the data types, you will probably use strings the most. Let's analyze all the options for creating a new line.

Single or double quotes​

quotation marks

Either β€˜single’ or β€œdouble” quotes are used to create strings.

let single = 'Hello World'
let double = "Hello World" // prettier-ignore

You can use both of them, the main thing is that if you start a line with a single one, although there may be doubles inside, it must also be completed with a single one. And, accordingly, with double quotes.

let double = "Don't you think so, d'Artagnan?"
let single = '"I think so, indeed!" - cried he.'



If the same quotes are used inside the string as outside, then they must be escaped with a backslash - the so-called "escape character". It is appended βž• before the enclosing quotation mark `\ '' so that it does not indicate the end of the line.

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Note that the backslash \ is only used to correctly read the string by the interpreter, but it is not written to the string after it has been read. When a string is saved to main memory, the \ character is not added to it. You can clearly see this in the findings.

Back quotes​


In writing a string, you can do without a backslash by using \ back \ quotes.

Single and double quotes work essentially the same way, and if you use back quotes, we can insert arbitrary JavaScript expressions into such a string by wrapping them in a dollar sign with curly braces $ {...} :

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Another advantage of backticks is that they can span more than one line.

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Multiline strings can also be created with single and double quotation marks, using the so-called "line feed" character, which is written as \ n. All special characters, in JavaScript, begin with a backslash \ True, we can check this in the browser console (LIVE EDITOR does not display correctly).

let guestList = 'Guests:\n * John\n * Pete\n * Mary'

guestList // multi-line guest list


Strings are immutable​


The content of a string in JavaScript cannot be changed. You cannot take the symbol in the middle and replace it. Once a string is created - it is like that forever. You can create a new string and write it to the same variable instead of the old one.

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String length​


The length property returns the number of code values in the string.

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Please note that \ n is one special character, so everything is correct here: the length of the string is 3.

Access to symbols​


There are two 2️⃣ ways to get to a specific character in a string. The first method uses the charAt () method. The first 1️⃣ character is at position zero:

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You can also get a symbol using square brackets:

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Square brackets are the modern way to get a character, while charAt exists mainly for historical reasons.

Change case of characters​

Capital letter

To convert the letters of a string to uppercase, use the toUpperCase () method.

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to lowercase toLowerCase ()

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Concatenate (concatenate) a string​


To construct a string from existing strings, use the plus sign + to concatenate the strings.

let name = 'Mary '
let activity = 'drink tea'
let bio = 'Our guest ' + name + activity + '.'
bio // Our guest Mary drink tea.

So we got acquainted with the most popular data type in JavaScript and the most commonly used methods for it.




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How strings are not written in JavaScript?

  1. In single quotes
  2. In backslashes
  3. In back quotes

Why isn't a backslash used in a string?

  1. For shielding
  2. To write special characters
  3. To end the line

Find the line with the error

  1. let str = \ It's not complicated \
  2. let str = "'I think so, indeed!' - cried he. "
  3. let str = 'My slogan: "Don't worry, be happy!"'

Select "line feed character"

  1. \ n
  2. \
  3. \ *

What letter will 'sport' [3] return?

  1. o
  2. r
  3. Will not return anything

How do I change a character in a JavaScript string?

  1. Change the line
  2. Get to the symbol and replace it
  3. Create a new line and write it to the same variable instead of the old one

What method is used to capitalize letters?

  1. 'Interface'.toUpperCase()
  2. 'Interface' [0] .toLowerCase()
  3. 'Interface'.toLowerCase()

What character is used to concatenate strings?

  1. =
  2. +
  3. + =

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