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Array iteration methods(map, filter, reduce)


The JavaScript language has a clear preference for arrays over other data structures. They have a lot of convenient specific tricks, for example, a whole set of iterating methods: map, filter, reduce.



The map () method creates🏗️ a new с array with the result of calling the specified function⚙️ for each element of the array.



let new_array = callback( currentValue[, index[, array]]) {
// Returns the item for new_array
}[, thisArg])

The map method calls the passed callback function once for each element, in the order of their occurrence, and constructs a new array from the results of its call. The callback function is called only for array indices that have assigned values, including undefined. It is not called for missing array elements (that is, for indices that were never specified, deleted, or never assigned a value).

The function⚙️ callback is called with three arguments:

  • the value of the element,
  • element index
  • and the array through which the passage is carried out.

If the thisArg parameter was passed to the map method, it will be used as the this value when callback is called. Otherwise, the this value will be undefined. Ultimately, the value of this as seen from the callback function is determined according to the usual rules for defining this as seen from a function.

The map method does not modify the array for which it was called (although the function⚙️ can do that!).

The range of elements processed by the map method is set before the first call to the callback function. Items added to the array after the start of the map method will not be visited by the callback function. If the existing elements of the array are modified by the callback function, their values ​​passed to the function will be the values ​​at the time when the map method visits them. Deleted items will not be visited.


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