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Async Await


There is a special syntax работы for working with promises called async / await.

Creating an asynchronous function#


An asynchronous function⚙️ is defined by an asynchronous function expression⚙️. The basic function⚙️ looks like this:

async function foo() {
const value = await somePromise()
return value

We define a function⚙️ to be asynchronous using async. This keyword can be used with any syntax for a function declaration:

// Function Declaration
async function foo() { ... }
// Function Expression
const foo = async function () { ... }
// Arrow function
const foo = async () => { ... }
// Class methods
class Bar {
async foo() { ... }


Once we have defined the function as asynchronous, we can use the await keyword. This keyword is placed before a promise call, it pauses the function until the promise is fulfilled or rejected.


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